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3 of the Best... Handmade in France 18 May

Pompon Petillant Clown, Scalae Fish, Petit Picotin Jeanne Donkey, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Rose Gold Clown Sequin Cushion by Pompon Petillant, £28.00
Pink 'Django' Fish Decoration by Scalae, £48.00
Jeanne Donkey - Sand by Petit Picotin, £38.00

Twice a year (sometime three, if we can get away with it!), I hop on a plane to Paris to hunt down the latest and most beautiful creations for our store.

I visit trade fairs, meet our wonderful suppliers, shop the boutiques for inspiration, and try to find bit of time in-between to unwind and catch up with old friends from the days when Paris used to be my home.   

You could say that I have a soft spot for France, and this is most definitely reflected in our collections at Bobby Rabbit. For me, France has that je-ne-sais-quoi-touch-of-magic, especially when it comes to children's rooms and decor - fine materials, delicate details, and a whole lot of love and imagination in every single product.

So, today we are taking a look at 3 of our favourite French designer-makers, each one of them creating beautiful limited edition and timeless accessories for children that are handmade and one-of-a-kind, and that I am very proud to include in our store.

Petit Picotin

An Animal Adventure, children's bedroom styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Animal Adventure children's room, styled by Bobby Rabbit and featuring Jeanne Donkey Cushions in Sand and Mustard by Petit Picotin, £38.00.

Just like Bobby Rabbit, Petit Picotin was founded from the cherished childhood memories of a favourite soft toy - this, and a special love of sewing. The brand was established in 2016 by Astrid Geoffroy, mum of 2 little girls Prune and Phillipine. Astrid lives in Paris with her husband and family, and close to her own mother - a talented seamstress herself. Astrid fondly remembers her mother making clothes for her as a child, and having worked in fashion for many years (including for Petit Bateau and Comptoir des Cotonniers) maintains that it was this passion that inspired her to work for herself and to create her very own brand.  

It was during her maternity leave second time around that she launched Petit Picotin. Astrid had spotted an opportunity to create high quality, beautifully handmade and personalised pieces for newborn babies and their bedrooms. Today her collection includes over 20 different designs, from cushions to sleeping bags, and the Petit Picotin brand is expanding to stores all over the world.

Astrid's mission to be make people happy, by creating pretty but practical gifts from beautiful materials, made by mums for mums. We adore her creations, in particular the animal cushions that are made from the most beautiful French linen. The animals make adorable wall decorations too - as each one has a little loop on the back for easy hanging... just perfect for the modern nursery.

Meet our favourite animals in the Petit Picotin Collection at Bobby Rabbit, including Felicie Mouse, Celestin Rabbit and Jeanne Donkey (pictured above) - cute factor: ten out of ten!


Cushions and accessories including Scalae fish, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Cushions and accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit and featuring our 'Django' Fish Cushions by Scalae, £48.00.

We have had the pleasure of working with Laetitia, founder of Scalae and mum of 2 children, for over 12 months. We adore her collection of birds and fish cushions and mobiles that are beautifully handmade in her atelier in Marseille. 

Laetitia started her business with a collection of textiles for the home - throws, cushions and mattresses in delicate prints and pretty fabrics with hand-embellished details. The birth of her own daughter inspired her to diversify her creations for children's rooms too, including musical mobiles and beautiful wall decorations and cushions. 

The world of Scalae is colourful, pure, poetic and bohemian, with a modern touch to blend into any style of home. From toucans and swans to flamingos, whales and fish, every single 'objet' is handmade and finished in the south of France, with love, care and the most wonderful attention to detail.

Take a peek at the Bobby Rabbit Scalae Collection - we defy you not to fall in love at first sight...

Pompon Petillant

Children's accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Decorative accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit and featuring our Sparkly Rabbit Cushion, £38.00 and Silver Clown Cushion, £28.00.

Pompon Petillant is one of those special finds where everything is totally irresistible, evoking a sense of nostalgia and fond childhood memories.

We first met Marine, creator and founder of the brand at the Playtime show in Paris last summer - and we knew instantly that there was a place at Bobby Rabbit for her adorable creations. Marine founded the brand in Paris 8 years ago, with the sweetest idea of sparking children's imaginations by making giant clouds (her very first product), and later on, moons, balloons and a kite, all inspired by the childlike dream of 'flying high in the sky'.

Two years later, Marine created a world of dreamy 'friends', including her sparkly clowns and rabbits that we have welcomed to Bobby Rabbit this season. All of her characters have cute rosy cheeks and sleepy eyes, and were designed to bring a sense of calm to children's sleeping spaces. 

Today Pompon Petillant is based in Bordeaux, with the whole collection designed and made in France.

You can meet some of the Pompon Petillant friends at Bobby Rabbit - and we're pretty sure that just like us, you won't be able to resist.

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