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toys, wooden toys, activity toys, dolls house, furniture, Qubis, published by Bobby RabbitWe were bowled over by this amazing-looking coffee table at the HOME exhibition recently. But then we realised it is also a dolls house!
What better (and more ingenious) way to combine stylish living with the play factor? The "Qubis Haus", £400 - and its magnetic wooden furniture - were launched at the end of 2012 by British design talent Amy Whitworth Design. The Haus itself was one of the winners of the Boost product design competition - a collaboration between the Observer, London's Southbank Centre and Cockpit Arts with the aim of highlighting new design talent. In a nutshell, it's a stylish and contemporary coffee table made from solid birch plywood, which transforms at the drop of a hat into a beautiful, modern dolls house through the addition of wood and perspex sliding panels to create the "rooms" inside it. Yes finally - a toy that we'd be proud to show-off as our living room centrepiece! (Or a stunning piece of furniture that we'd be happy to let them play with...)
What's more, there are currently 3 sets of magnetic wooden furniture to go with it (bedroom, living and dining room sets), £35 each, all hand-crafted in Wales from beautiful, locally-sourced sustainable oak. The furniture is simple to assemble and consists of a series of wooden blocks each with embedded magnets, giving rise to unlimited design creations with a simple click. So they can firstly design the interior layout, and then the furniture - play with it all - and start over again! QUBIS-HAUS-LIFESTYLE-JAN-13
For more details on where to purchase the Haus and its accessories, visit the Qubis website. What more can we say? Wow.
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