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furniture, nursery furniture, moses baskets, baby beds, colourful moses baskets, modern moses baskets, Moba moses baskets, published by Bobby RabbitMoses baskets. They all tend to look the same: pretty average and not at all exciting. Which is why we haven't featured any on Bobby Rabbit... until now. And so today we bring you Moba, the brand new modern moses basket created right here in the UK especially for style-, quality- and safety-conscious parents and babies. And hot off the press, just launched at John Lewis. We are obsessed with this product. And why? It looks and feels amazing. The team at Moba, a family-run business established by experts with many years' experience in nursery retail and manufacturing, have succeeded (and in fact surpassed expectations) in taking a very traditional product and transforming it into a wonderfully-contemporary ergonomic design, made from a soft, recyclable material and available in 8 vibrant colours. It is safe and durable. The Moba has non of the many risks associated with more traditional, hand-made natural fibre baskets. It will not break or fray; it is completely hygenic and can be cleaned quickly and easily; it won't rot or degrade in storage; and it most certainly hasn't been fumigated or sprayed to prevent this from happening. It is completely hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and is built to last for generations. Naturally, it conforms to all the very latest UK safety regulations. It is comfortable. The mattress is designed to fit exactly, with no gaps or sliding around. The holes in the sides of the basket maximise airflow and comfort. It has been created with the environment in mind.  The Moba basket is made from sustainable and reusable resources right here in the UK, in a factory that is fully certified - thereby minimising carbon footprint. It is great value for money. Retailing at £89.99, it's worth every last penny. If a "BOBBY LOVES" button existed, we would most certainly be clicking it.
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