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'Camelot' children's bunk bed by Nidi Design, available at Nubie, published by Bobby RabbitWatch out - there's a fabulous new children's furniture brand all the way from Italy, now available here in the UK at Nubie. 'Nidi' is a sleek and stylish, mix-and-match collection of beds, wardrobes, shelving and desks for school-aged kids created around the concept of 'sleep, store, study'. Not only is it practical and multi-functional, but with clean, modern lines and a beautifully smooth finish, it is living proof that design for kids can be simple and unfussy, and still look stunning. And every product is made and finished in Italy. What's more, each furniture piece can be customised to fit your very own requirements. Not only is there a fabulous selection of colours to choose from, but other details such as the overall size and wood thickness, wardrobe interiors, shelf heights and positioning - and even the number of desk legs! - can be modified to suit your needs and budget. Take the Camelot Bunk Bed, £1400 (pictured above). The ladder can be positioned at whichever side of the bed you wish - and looks stunning in a contrasting colour (or match it to the bed if you prefer!) It is pictured with the System 18 Wardrobe, £1490, which can also be customised with your choice of shelves or rails (or both) in the interior. Even the drawers can be swapped around to better suit the room. We're loving the simplicity of the more budget-friendly Conti Bed, £299, (below). Available in a range of colours and with lots of additional options such as the padded headboard and under-bed lift-up storage, this bed doubles up perfectly as a sleeping space and day bed/sofa. 'Conti' children's single bed by Nidi Design, available at Nubie, published by Bobby RabbitIt is pictured with the Yucca Desk, from £320, a fabulous-looking yet practical, space-saving place for homework/artwork/reading/writing - you name it! Just like the other furniture pieces in the collection, the desk can be customised, and is available in 2 widths and wood thicknesses as well as a wide range of colour combinations. 'Yucca' children's desk by Nidi Design, available at Nubie, published by Bobby RabbitAnd then there's the Woody Desk, starting at £400 - one of most versatile children's desks around! Available in 4 widths, 2 depths and 2 wood thicknesses, with 2 legs or 4 legs, with drawers and shelves attached or without, the world is quite literally your oyster! We're loving the 2-legged version pictured below, especially when combined with Nidi's Large Wall Shelving (from £615). What a stylish little corner for doing that all important homework: 'Woody' children's desk by Nidi Design, available at Nubie, published by Bobby RabbitAnd whilst we're on the subject of storage, we love the Floor Shelving System, starting at £450 (below), which just like every other piece of Nidi furniture can be customised internally to suit your child's needs. Use it for books, toys, jewellery and other little treasures - we can pretty much guarantee that children will love having their very own little cubby holes for hiding away all their special bits and pieces: Floor shelving system by Nidi Design, available at Nubie, published by Bobby RabbitSo there you have it - at long last a children's furniture collection that allows you the freedom to be as coordinated or uncoordinated (eclectic) as you like! And eclectic is always good in our books. For detailed dimensions, customisation options and the full range of Nidi furniture, have a look at Nubie's lovely shop.
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