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Toy storage bag by Tellkiddo, available at Bobby RabbitIf your home is anything like ours, you might be in need of some extra storage for all those Christmas toys.

Well... take a peek at these little gems from Swedish brand Tellkiddo. We totally love them - and by the looks of it, so do our customers!

The fabric bags (pictured above) come in 2 designs - TOYS and ABC - and are made from heavy duty printed cotton that is both washable and long-lasting. At 68cm tall, that's a lot of toys! 

Our BEAR and SLEEPING BEAR kraft paper storage bags (below) are even bigger - a whopping 80cm! - and are sturdy and strong whilst looking pretty cute too as a pair or alone.

Sleeping Bear toy storage bag by Tellkiddo, available at Bobby Rabbit.Tellkiddo is a Swedish brand, created by Maria Sabbah in her home full of boys! We adore the simplicity of her designs, which in striking monochrome will look totally gorgeous in any room setting. 

Perfect for kids, and practical and stylish for grown ups. Just the type of product we love. 

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