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Lapin and Me at Top Drawer London - panda toys, lamps and woodland dolls, available at Bobby RabbitWe visited the Top Drawer show in London earlier this week. And whilst we were there, we couldn't help spotting this stunning collection by British brand Lapin and Me. In fact we loved it so much, we thought we'd share it with you right here on the blog! 

Founder and owner Madeleine James and I first started working together in my Habitat days, almost 15 years ago. So it is wonderful to be working with her again at Bobby Rabbit after all these years! Madeleine finds and sources vintage collectable toys from Japan, and brings them back to life again (often using the original moulds and factories) for us all to enjoy. And by all - I mean kids and grown ups alike. For it is very hard not to fall in love with this amazing brand.

Starting out with her signature Baby Lapin lamps (pictured above, top left) and the beautiful Woodland Dolls that we are proud to be stocking in our shop, the collection has grown to include more amazing toys, including these adorable Little Cuties - still hand made in the same factory in Tokyo as they were in the 70s - and (wait for it), these fabulous Baby Panda lamps, new in for Spring Summer 2016: 

Little Cuties and Baby Panda Lights by Lapin and MeIn fact, pandas are the star of the show in Lapin and Me's new collection for Spring - which is absolutely fine with us - we love them! One of our favourites is push-along Sestuko panda (top picture), with her bright red wheels and smart red ribbon. She was one of the original toys made by the Kodama toy factory back in the 70s. Madeline has since sourced new moulds and hey presto, here she is again, restored again to her former glory and ready to play! 

Perhaps what we love most about Lapin and Me is that the brand is living proof that when carefully sourced and produced, plastic toys can be pretty amazing. We love that all of these toys can be played with, then proudly displayed on any shelf of your home afterwards.

And as for the pandas, well keep an eye out for those - we may well be giving them a brand new home very soon...

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