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A Colourful Shared Girls' Room by Live Loud Girl, featured on Bobby RabbitSometimes we stumble across a room so beautiful we simply HAVE to share it with you - and this is definitely one of those times! 

This stunning shared bedroom and playroom was created and styled by super-talented Linda of Live Loud Girl. Linda is originally from The Netherlands, but now lives in Dubai with her family, where together with her team she spends her days dreaming up amazing and inspirational spaces for her clients - spaces that become homes "with a definite dose of funky vibes and originality where children have room to play and adults would love to join them".

In other words, right up our street!

This room is full to the brim of goodies we love, but it is the overall vibe that caught our eye - fun, fresh and playful with a splash of colour on a clean white backdrop. It looks like a kids room; it feels like a kids room; but it belongs in a modern home. And that's what we love about it. 

A Colourful Shared Girls' Room styled by Live Loud Girl, featured on Bobby Rabbit.Let's talk about the house bed. We have seen this a few times before, and we can honestly say that it is possibly our favourite day bed EVER! It epitomises everything we love at Bobby Rabbit - style, form, design and quality that kids and grown ups will adore equally. It is a stunning piece of furniture - but it's a toy too. You can sleep on it, snuggle on it, read on it - and how much fun would you have throwing a blanket over it and playing dens? 

Splashes of colour are added through the cushions and prints, not to mention the book display on the wall (a lovely way to add a decorative feature to your walls whilst displaying those favourite stories!), whilst the multi coloured dot wall stickers are a simple, inexpensive way to add a pop of brightness to the room. The unicorn head, designed in New Zealand by Flat-out Frankie looks amazing as a wall decoration (adding that party hat for extra zing!) Both the stickers and the unicorn head are available in our shop.

A Colourful Shared Room styled by Live Loud Girl, featured on Bobby RabbitThe felt raindrop garland is handmade by our friend Coral at Velveteen Babies - and we have to say, we adore every single thing she makes.

A Colourful Shared Girls' Room styled by Live Loud Girl, featured on Bobby RabbitThe study area is a clever use of the end wall space, and incorporates plenty of much-needed storage and shelving, as well as a gorgeous little desk with the most amazing yellow chairs.

If ever a room were to make us feel all summery inside, this is the one! 

Thanks Linda, for allowing us to share this stunning space. 

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