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Children's toys and accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Dear Santa.... I've been really, really good this year! Please could I have:

  • A reindeer that rocks;
  • A cat with BRIGHT purple hair;
  • A piano-playing elephant;
  • My very own T-Rex;
  • A kind chameleon; 
  • A sleeping bunny;
  • A silver space rocket;
  • My very own village;
  • ...And a real life tiger from Nepal. 


If you're struggling with the (ever-evolving) expectations of the soon-to-be-upon-us festive season, worry not! Because today we are sharing our favourite Bobby Rabbit finds in this - our ULTIMATE Christmas Gift Guide 2018. We have all of the above and much more in store (well, maybe not the real life tiger, but ALMOST as good, we promise!) 

So, if you're after a special gift for the little person/people in your life (including that cat with bright purple hair), read on...

1. The Reindeer That Rocks.

Lillagunga Rocking Reindeer, Joseph Bunny Lamp and Stacking Blocks, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Rocking Reindeer, £275.00
Joseph Bunny Lamp, £80.00.
Nesting Cubes, £16.00.
Cubbie Bear Storage Bag, £25.00.
TOYS Storage Bag, £25.00.

If you're looking for a rocking horse, or a stunning ride-on toy for ages 12 months and over, then look no further! Our Lillagunga Rocking Reindeer is exclusive to Bobby Rabbit in the UK this Christmas, and is crafted in Finland from solid oak, with the sweetest sleepy eye for added cuteness.

He's toy and a decorative piece all rolled into one, because when they grow too big for him, you can either keep him in a special corner of your home or hand him down to younger siblings/cousins/the next generation to be loved all over again!

For more ride-on toy ideas, including trikes, bikes, swings and acrobat rings, take a look at our Active Play collection. 

2. The Cat With BRIGHT Purple Hair (yep, we have one of those too!)

Children's Toys and Accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Clarissa Cat, £21.00
Penelope Poodle, £21.00.
Pobblewob Rhino, £30.00.
Sparkle Sequin Wings - Silver, £20.00 (also available in Gold).
Camera Bag, £16.00.
Makeup Set, £27.00.
Kids Desk and Chair Set, £299.00 (other colours and sizes available).
Little People Big Dreams: Coco Chanel Book, £9.99.

Introducing Clarissa.

Designed in the UK by Jellycat, she comes with a best friend, Penelope Poodle (available separately), along with a whole host of cuddly buddies. We adore this toy collection, pictured above, just perfect for kids that love to dress up, make-up and play at let's pretend.

Step inside our Dressing Up collection for more style inspo!

3. The Piano-Playing Elephant.

Musical Instrument Toys, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

White Grand Piano and Stool, £125.00.
Drum, £34.00.
Banjolele, £33.00.
Xylophone, £20.00.
Bear Maracas, £12.00.
Rabbit Maracas, £12.00.
Lion Maracas, £12.00.
Pobblewob Elephant, £30.00.
Lancelot Lion, £21.00.
Calendar Flash Cards, £17.00. 

Our Making Music collection is perfect for budding Beethovens and Little Rock Stars! From mini banjoleles to baby grand pianos; maracas and drums to xylophones and music boxes, we have everything you need to keep your mini musicians happy, creative and a little bit noisy this Christmas. 

4. The Tiger from Nepal (he isn't real, but he's pretty life-like).

Children's toys and accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Raj The Tiger Rug, £70.00.
See-Ya Suitcase Mustard, £59.00 (other colours available).
Set of 3 Suitcases, £20.00.
Large Rattan Storage Basket, £48.00.
Cyril Sloth, £23.00.
Gary Gecko, £19.00.
Colin Chameleon, £19.00.
Pobblewob Rhino, £30.00.
Banjolele, £33.00.
Neon Leon Book, £11.99.
The Hello Atlas Book, £16.99.

What do you get the kid that loves to explore the world?

Well, how about a weird and wonderful exotic creature or two from a faraway place (and a big basket for them to live inside)? Or how about a suitcase (or three?) And don't forget our favourite Hello Atlas book, which teaches them how to say hi in over 100 different languages! Or one of our other amazing Books! Curious little minds will be fascinated, we promise.

And whilst we're on the subject of exploring the world and its weird and wonderful creatures...

5. Their Very Own T-Rex. (Or Stegosaurus). (Or Brontosaurus).

Children's Toys and Accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

T Rex Lamp, £25.00.
Brontosaurus Lamp, £25.00.
Stegosaurus Lamp, £25.00.
Pobblewob Dino, £30.00.
Swifty Scooter, £349.00 (other colours available).
World Map Wall Hanging, £40.00.
House Shelf (Small), £70.00 (also available in larger size).

Dino-loving dudes (and dudettes) will adore our new battery-powered dinosaur night lights, whilst little explorers will love our Swifty Scooters, available in 6 amazing colours and perfect for ages 7-10 years. Why not throw in a World Map Wall Hanging, to help them along on their travels?

6. The Kind(est) Chameleon.

Plantoys Vet Set and soft toys by Jellycat, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Colin Chameleon, £19.00.
Gary Gecko, £19.00.
Pobblewob Elephant, £30.00.
Pobblewob Dino, £30.00.
Vet Set, £30.00 (Pet Care Set also available).
It's Cool To Be Kind Print, £17.50.
Mini Monkey Head, £30.00.
Cloud Rug Turquoise, £50.00 (other colours available).

We never knew chameleons could be so kind, until we met Colin - our colourful chameleon friend! Our new Vet and Pet Care Sets by Plantoys are the perfect gift for animal lovers and children that enjoy looking after their favourite toys and pets, whether or not they are poorly.

7. The Sleepy Bunny.

Dolls Beds and Carry Cots, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Harlequin Dolls Bed Grey and White £90.00 (also available in Pink).
Dolls Bedding Fleur and Pressed Leaves, £18.00 (also available in Grey Wave and Sashiko Blush).
Sleepy Head Dolls Cot, £99.00.
Dolls Bedding Leopard, £25.00.
Rope Dolls Basket, £25.00.
Bunny Soft Toy, £49.50.
Lammy Soft Toy, £49.50.
Buddy Bunny, £25.00.
Buddy Bear, £25.00.
Matilda Doll, £53.00.
Pyjamas and Bunny Doll Dress Up Set, £25.00.
Ricemimi Plush Toy, £25.00.
Word Cubes Blush Pink, £48.00 (also available in Black and White).
Rainbow Wall Stickers Pink and Gold, £12.00 (also available in Pastel).
Rabbit Queen Print, £25.00.
Cloud Rug Grey, £50.00 (other colours available).

Taking care of toys has never been so easy with our collection of dolls cots, carry cots, bedding, sleeping bags, strollers and even bibs and nappy sets! So if your child loves to play at mini-mama and/or -papa, take a look at our Imaginary Play and Soft Toys collections. 

8. The Silver Space Rocket.

Children's Toys and Accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Rocket Wall Decoration, £18.00.
Gold Star Wall Stickers, £12.00 (also available in Silver).
House Shelf Large, £85.00.
House Shelf Small, £70.00.
Way To Play Race Track Sets, from £28.00 (available as 12pc, 16pc, 24pc and 40pc sets).
Baby Forest Wooden Blocks, £20.00.
Set of 3 Suitcases, £20.00.
Firechief, £28.00.
Candycab, £28.00.
Alphabet Blocks, £25.00.
Tightrope Walker Balance Game, £20.00.
Ricejagger Soft Toy, £22.50.

A silver space rocket? Check! A rockstar rabbit? Check! Building blocks? Check! A road track for your favourite cars to build ALL around your room? Check!

Whether your child loves cars, space rockets, superheroes (or all of the above), we have it covered... And if the above isn't enough, zoom on over to our Push and Pull and Games and Puzzles collections to discover yet more of our favourite gift-able goodies!

What's more, our new house shelves make amazing skylines on your wall, whilst storing and displaying favourite toys and books. And they make good dolls houses too - which brings us on to...

9. Their Own Little Village.

Plantoys Dolls House, Jamm Toys Wooden School Bus and Accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Slide And Go Dolls House with Furniture, £149.00.
Dolls House Family, £20.00.
Benji School Bus, £37.00.
Birds Balancing Tree, £12.00.
Little Explorer's Play Rug, £75.00.
Pom Pom Garland Rainbow, £16.00.
Rainbow Banner, £22.00.

There's no reason why they can't set up their own little world of make-believe, using one of our dolls houses or house shelves, wooden vehicles and super fun Little Explorer's Play Rug. And before you head off to start building, take a peek at our Figurines collection, where you'll find plenty of adorable little characters/spacemen/animals just waiting to move into the village and play!


Still stuck for ideas? Give us a call or get in touch with us by email at and we will do our very best to help you make those memories even more magical this Christmas!

After all, it's what we love to do. 

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