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Safari Style! 31 May

Animal Adventure Children's Room, styled by Bobby Rabbit.All this sunshine has got us dreaming of the summer holidays... Bike rides in the park, den-building in the woods and climbing on the rocks in the countryside near our home. And on other days, the kids are happy simply playing in the garden, bouncing on the trampoline and making mud pies in their mud pie kitchen (a favourite).

Let's face it - kids love being outside, and love exploring too - so that's why we have created a bedroom around it! Animal Adventure (pictured above) is the perfect space for intrepid explorers. Starring zebras, giraffes, snakes, pandas, donkeys and even dinosaurs, it's a fun, playful space that kids will love, whilst looking chic and stylish in your home.

Felt Zebra Head and Felt Giraffe Head by Fiona Walker England, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above: 

Zebra Head, £50.
Giraffe Head, £50.

It was these amazing felt animal heads by Fiona Walker England that first inspired us to create this room - in fact, if we had had our way we would have created an entire wall of them! Seriously though, I defy you to find a child (or grown up) that doesn't smile at the sight of these guys. They are SO much fun. 

Dinosaur Lamps, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above:

Orange Dinosaur Lamp, £29.
Mini Green Dinosaur Light, £10.

We love these dino lights! Available in 3 colours and 3 dinosaur 'breeds' (orange T-Rex, green Brachiosaurus and white Triceratops), as both plug-in and re-chargeable, battery-operated mini versions, what better bedside light or night light for your little adventurer, come bedtime?

Toys and Accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above (from top left): 

Velvet Star Cushion, £29.
Riceouch cactus soft toy, £19.50.
Ricedino dinosaur soft toy, £19.50.
Natural Luggy Basket, £45.
Knitted Cactus Cushion, £36.
Ping The Panda Rug, £55.

OK, you might not see many cacti on a safari, but that didn't stop us adding a couple to this collection! We fell in love with Riceouch, the friendly cactus soft toy character by Noodoll, as well as this giant (and we mean GIANT) knitted cuddly cactus cushion by Meri Meri. And our new felt Ping The Panda rug by Sew Heart Felt finishes off the collection just perfectly. 

If you like what you're seeing, take a peek at the rest of our Animal Adventure room... And just because we love having fun with our products, we've pulled together a few other favourites (below) to help you complete the look:

Safari Style inspiration board by Bobby Rabbit.Pictured above, from top left: 

Lion Suitcase, £14.
Tiger Head, £75.
Mountains Wall Stickers (set of 37 stickers), £22.
Adventure Rug, £39.
Animals Book, £15.
Curious Tiger Poster 50 x 70cm size, £12.
Merryday Zebra soft toy, £17.
Mix and Match Animals, £15.

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