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Storytime: Let's Play Outside 26 Mar

Toys and Accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.Mouni is tired - he’s had a long day;
With Boubou and Choukette, who wanted to play.
“I need to do home school, my English and Art;
My Maths and my Science and that’s just the start!”
But Boubou won’t listen, outside looks just GREAT!
The weather is warm and their schoolwork can wait.
“Come on now, Mouni - hop into my cart!
We’ll whizz round the garden - let’s GO! Let’s depart!"
Choukette jumps up, with a shout of “Yipeee!”
He’s not fond of school (except for PE).
Mouni looks worried, he doesn’t like dirt.
But then he decides that just once can not hurt.
“OK then Boubou, my pink hairy friend…
Just once round the garden, and then it’s the end!
Watch out for my hat though, it’s perched on my head,
I can’t bear to lose it, I’ll hold it instead.”
“Oh Mouni, you spoilsport, relax - let’s have fun!
Tomorrow might rain and there’ll be no more sun.”
So off Boubou charges, a flash of pink fluff,
Racing his cart with a huff and a puff.

This story stars: 

Boubou Cuddly Monster, £70.00.
Mouni Cuddly Monster, £35.00.
Choukette Cuddly Monster, £25.00.
'Play' Wall Decoration -  Petrol Blue, £24.00 (other colours available).

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