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Abracadabra – my favourite word! Why, you ask?
Because one night, as I was lying in bed, I was wondering how to spell it. “A – B – R…”, I whispered, counting on my fingers.
Rabbit (my favourite toy), opened one eye and smiled.
A is next", he said.
Can you believe it? Rabbit just spoke to me!
A”, he said again, this time with a cheeky smile and a wink.
Did you just talk, Rabbit?” I asked him with surprise.
All of sudden, blue peacock opened his eyes and stretched out his feathers.
Better put on those fairy wings, quick!” he said, “We’re going flying! Don’t forget your wand!” 
Rabbit jumped up and so did Poodle. “You said the magic word! So - magic WILL happen!” One by one, my toys came alive all around me. 

And that’s why Abracadabra is my favourite word.

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