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Bobby's First Birthday

Bobby's First Birthday

Once upon a time - a long, long time ago - there was a toy rabbit. He had long, floppy ears, soft pink fur, and a big white belly to match his bobtail. The rabbit belonged to a little girl called Nicky, who had named him 'Bobby', and loved him ever since her very first birthday. Bobby had been on so many adventures with Nicky, in fact, Bobby and Nicky were so close, they were pretty much inseparable.

As he grew older, Bobby noticed that his fur was falling out and a little hole was beginning to show in his tummy. The more he was loved, the bigger the hole became until it had to be stitched back together by Nicky's mummy to stop all his stuffing from escaping. One day, as they were getting ready to go to school together, Nicky whispered to Bobby, "I'm not taking you to school with me today, but don't worry - I have made you a special bed in this shoebox". As Nicky grew older, Bobby began to spend more and more time in his special shoe box. But he didn't mind as he knew how much he was loved.

Bobby still lives in his shoe box today. He has a proud new owner who tells him stories, cuddles him to sleep each night and loves him just as much as her mummy did.

Welcome to our very special first birthday collection, including a hand-picked selection of treasures from our shop, and one or two collaborations with some of our favourite British brands. 

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