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Bright Rabbits

Bright Rabbits

One evening, after his owner had drifted off to sleep, Cyril Sloth was lounging in his favourite spot on the bed together with his other toy friends. He yawned, stretched and piped up, “OK, who’s for a game of Bright Rabbits?” (that’s hide and seek, to you and me).

Stripy Reindeer, who was never one to miss out on the best game of all, quickly put his hand up shouting “Me! Me! Me!” Meanwhile, up jumped Woodland Doll who wanted to get a head start (for she’d spotted the giant blue toadstool lamp and knew it offered a good place to hide).

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5…” counted Cyril, covering his eyes with his big hairy paws. “Bright Rabbits!”

Bright Rabbits is a room full of colour and zing – a fun and vivid, playful space where toys really do come alive at bedtime.

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