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Penguins and Polar Bears

Penguins and Polar Bears

The sky was dark, and the moon was bright
When Rhino packed his case that night.
Jumpers, pjs, socks and money;
Cuddly penguin, cuddly bunny!
Climbing in his little plane,
Time for take-off on the lane…
Up they flew, without a noise -
Rhino and his favourite toys.
An hour later (maybe five),
The plane began to take a dive.
Through the clouds; flying low,
Then landing on the fresh white snow!
Right before them, stood a bear,
With big white face and fur so fair.
He stepped out from his cosy cave,
Raised a paw and gave a wave.
“Welcome to my North Pole home,
Where bears and bunnies freely roam,
Whales, seals and reindeer too;
A penguin though – that’s something new!”

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