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'Boys are better than girls,'
'No – girls are better than boys!
They’re so much more caring and better at sharing -
And better at making less noise!'
'Girls are better than boys,'
'No – boys are better than girls!
They’re better at sleeping and better at leaping -
At jumping and running and whirls!'
'Hang on a second, what are we saying?
We’re both wrong!  I’m sure you’ll agree,
It isn’t about who’s better at what -
It’s being the best you can be.
So, boys can be caring and girls can be daring
And messy and noisy, or neat;
Girls can jump high and run fast and be lazy,
And boys can be loving and sweet.
Sharing your toys and being a good friend,
Bold, thoughtful, funny and kind;
That makes you a real Superkid, little one
The best kid that you’ll ever find!'

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