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A Magic Tent

A Magic Tent

Did you ever hear of the magic rabbit
With the magic wand and a magic tent?
Well, let me tell you a little tale
Of a most extraordinary event.
Three little mice were playing, one day,
When they saw a swan, up high.
The tiniest mouse said, “How I wish I were that swan -
I’d love to learn to fly!”
A rabbit with a sparkly crown
Said, “Come with me my dear.”
And took the mouse into her tent,
Where 2 little wings appeared!
The second mouse cried, “Wow me, next!
I’d love to learn to swim!"
The rabbit waved her magic wand,
And the little mouse had fins.
The third mouse said, "I’m happy here -
No wings or fins for me!"
The rabbit said, “then little mouse
Stay here, we’ll have some tea.”

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