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Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

In a teeny tiny house, by a teeny tiny tree,
Lives a teeny tiny fairy who nobody can see.
She’s really rather small, and really rather quiet;
Until the crocodile arrives - and then she starts a riot!
The fairy loves to cook; the fairy loves to bake -
Doughnuts, cookies, gingerbread; a giant fairy cake!
The toys and dolls adore her, and all her yummy sweets;
Waking up each morning to giant piles of treats.
The problem is that so does croc – he knows when she’s been baking!
In he sneaks to steal the treats she’s spent all evening making.
The tiny little fairy (who is really rather teeny)
Knows that she must stop this croc – for he’s a great big meanie!
It’s time for fairy magic, so she calls in the raccoons,
A dragon and a unicorn (and two hot air balloons).
They set a trap for greedy croc, and as he snaps the cake -
He falls into the basket and sets off with a shake…
Powered by fairy magic, a dragon breathing fire,
The balloon sets off to outer space, flying high and higher!
Surrounded by the butterflies, a rainbow in the sky,
Croc feels sorry for his greed… and wishes he could fly.

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