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Getting to know... Majvillan

Earlier this year, Charlotta Sandberg (founder of Swedish wallpaper brand Majvillan) got in touch to show us her beautiful wallpapers. Inspired by whimsical childhood memories and created with love to inspire little imaginations, Majvillan's ethos is so similar to Bobby Rabbit, it really was the perfect match! One look at her wallpaper and just like that - you find yourself transported straight into an imaginary world of make-believe and magic (telescopes optional). In March 2019,...

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3... 2... 1... Blast Off!

A few months ago, we created our Spaceships and Superheroes playroom (pictured above). We'd had a few requests from customers for space-themed room decor, so naturally we were only too happy to oblige!  If you take a look at Pinterest or Instagram for ideas, you'll find a sea (or should we say, sky!) of navy, black and silver. However, being Bobby Rabbit and with our love of colour, we decided to take a different approach...

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One Big World

Pictured above: One Big World Nursery, from Bobby Rabbit's Summer 2019 collection. Creating nurseries is relatively new for us. Whilst all of our Bedtime Story rooms could be easily adapted to nursery decor, it's only recently that we decided to design rooms for babies too. The idea came from this pic from our Winter 2017 collection, which was one of our favourite and most liked photographs from our Christmas gift guide that season: Pictured above: ...

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Rainbow Bright

This week, we're taking you on a tour of our Rainbow Bright room, which we curated especially for our Summer 2019 collection by filling it with all of our favourite colourful finds. Having seen so many muted greys, beiges and softer shades in kids rooms all over Instagram (and having always had a great response to colourful posts on our own Insta page), we wanted to go bright instead. So - rainbows it was!  Pictured...

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Last week we brought you all the way to Treasure Island; this week it's across the desert and into the wilderness of Savannah! We always have fun creating playrooms, and this one was no exception. Far from the bold colour statements of our Rainbow Bright or Treasure Island rooms, this summery bedtime story was inspired by all the beautiful natural materials we had found on our trade fair travels: rattan, raffia, cotton and straw, with pops...

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Treasure Island

Imagine a boat, washed up on the shores of a desert island. Or a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean, inhabited by sea creatures! Welcome to the first in our series of summer collection room tours - Treasure Island.  At the beginning of each season, we start with a vision for the collection, then we set out to bring it to life... We search high and low for products that will help to tell our story...

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It's here! At the end of last week, we launched our brand new summer collection: 220 new products from 35 amazing brands, styled together to create 4 Bedtime Stories - and wow, what a response so far...  Over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing each room and story individually (starting with Rainbow Bright, pictured above), so until then, why not click the links below each pic to step inside and take a peek: Pictured...

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