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Make Christmas Magical - Our Top Picks for Christmas 2021 03 Dec

Christmas Toys and Gifts for Kids, available at Bobby Rabbit.Happy December!

With Christmas just around the corner, we've been busy gathering ideas for the little ones in your life. If you are hunting for that special main gift, or looking for surprises for their stockings; whether for little explorers or for mini mamas and mini papas; dinosaur friends or budding musicians, we have everything you need - and more! 

Read on...

For Kids Who Love.... Let's Pretend.

Imaginary Play (with Minikane Dolls), styled by Bobby Rabbit.From toy shops to toy kitchens; dens and play tents to doctors and vet sets; figurines and miniature characters, explore our magical Imaginary Play collection and help inspire your child to create a little world of their very own. 

Pictured above:

General Stores Wooden Shop, £125.
Pull Along Shopping Trolley, £55.
Market Scales, £19.95.
Tea Tray Set, £35.
Nesting Cubes - Animal Friends, £16.
Big Sister and Big Brother Dolls, £45 each.

For Kids Who Love... Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs and Animal Toys, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Well, not just dinosaurs - any kind of creature or critter! Whether your little one loves leopards, crocs or prehistoric pals, step inside our Dino-Land collection, and take your pick...

Pictured above: 

Crocodile Lamp, £159. 
Holdie Animals - Dinosaur Set, £29.90.
Woodland Animal Tower, £45.
Rani Leopard Toy Cushion, £65.
Charley Cheetah, £57.
Set of 2 Dinosaur Suitcases, £25.
Little T-Rex Light - Green, £12.50.
Dinosaur Figurines, from £3.50.
Dinkum Dolls - Roo and Poppet, £59.90.
Dinkum Doll Travel Togs - Apricot and Sage, £39.90.

For Kids Who Love.... Dolls Play.

Dolls Play Toys, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Dressing dolly? No problem! Need a cosy place for them to sleep? Check! Looking for a pram or pushchair to take them along on all their big adventures? We have it covered.

Traditional dolls, rag dolls or soft cuddly baby dolls; Dinkum Dolls, Dozy Dinkum Dolls and Spanish-made dolls by Paula Reina and Minikane, we have lovingly hand-picked our very favourite toys and accessories in our Dolls Play collection, especially for the mini mamas and papas in your life. 

(and don't forget to check out our beautiful Dolls Houses collection, too!)

Pictured above: 

Big Sister and Big Brother Dolls, £45 each.
Amigas Dolls, £35 each.
Dolls Dresses and Outfits, £20-£30 each.
Dozy Dinkum Dolls - Moppet, Mini, Pip and Pickle, £34.90 each.
Wonder Waggon, £135.
Dolls Pram - Natural, £69.90.
Rattan Dolls Bed, £49.
Floral Dolls Bedding and Mattress Set, £30.
Big Doll - Flower Girl Mei Mei, £38.
Big Doll - Simran, £42.
Limited Edition Mademoiselle Eglantine Doll, £65.
Little Enchanted Fairies - Pink and Golden, £22 each. 
Holdie Folk Magical Creatures Set, £29.90.
Set of 2 Spotty Rainbow Suitcases, £25.

For Kids Who Love.... Wheels!

Cars and Vehicle Toys, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Fire engines, ambulances, buses, camper vans, hot dog vans, ice cream vans, tacos galore! Our Push and Pull collection is traffic-jam-packed full of the very best wooden toys for kids who love cars and wheels. 

Pictured above: 

Aiden Fire Engine, £43.50.
Aiden Ambulance, £35.
Aiden Double Decker Bus, £43.50.
Aiden Hospital, £59.
Candylab Candycars and Candyvans, from £10 each.

For Kids Who Love... Dressing Up.

Dressing Up Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Every little monster loves to dress up! Our Dressing Up collection stars sparkly fairy wings, magic wands, wizard capes, superhero masks... in short, everything they could ever need to look the part this festive season - whether for a special Christmas party, a show or performance, or just because.. well - just because they fancy getting dressed up!

Pictured above: 

Enchanted Velvet Cape, £30.
Enchanted Velvet Wizard Hat, £10.
Enchanted Wand, £8.
Glitter Superhero Mask, £8.
Sparkle Sequin Wings - Gold, £20.
Rainbow Ribbon Wand, £8.
Boubou Cuddly Monster, £70.
Mouni Cuddly Monster, £35.
Choukette Cuddly Monster, £25. 
Festive Sparkle Bunting, £18.

For Kids Who Love.... The Sea.

Toys for Ocean Explorers, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Whales, penguins, sharks, puffins, lobsters, crabs, crocs, shrimp... what else could your little ocean explorer wish for?

Check out our Whale's Tale collection for inspiration and the very best in under-water toys and treasures.

Pictured above:

Whale Lamp - Galaxy Teal, £159.
Penguin Lamp, £159.
Washable Shark Rug, £55.
Puffin Soft Toy, £28.
Crispin Crab Soft Toy, £23.
Jeremy Crocodile Soft Toy, £75.
Hugga Polar Bear Soft Toy, £35.
Larry Lobster Soft Toy, £22.
Neo Octopus Soft Toy, £42.
Ocean Life Jigsaw Puzzle, £24.
Wooden Figurines, from £3. 

For Kids Who Love.... Space!

‘Space Adventure!’ Children’s Bedroom, Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.From rockets to robots; shooting stars to spacemen, we have the perfect toys and accessories for your intergalactic explorers in our Space Adventure collection.

Pictured above:

Robot Contruction Set, £20.
Silver Robot Lamp, £59.
Red Toadstool Lamp, £45.
Vividie Armadillo, £28.
Vividie Chameleon, £28.
Vividie Dino, £28.
Rocket Construction Set, £20.
Stacking Rocket, £25.
Space Race, £34.95.
Mouni Soft Toy, £35.
Dexter Cat Soft Toy, £26.
Romeo Lion Soft Toy, £42.
Pablo Elephant Soft Toy, £42.
Shooting Star Wall Decoration, £24.
Cosmic Kid A3 Print, £19.
Astronaut A3 Print, £15.
Pom Pom Garland - Rainbow Bright, £19 (other colours available).
Play Wall Decoration - Smoky Teal, £28 (other colours available)

For Kids Who Love.... Books.

Books, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Children's books are one of our favourite things (ever!), so we had a lot of fun compiling this season's collection. From baby yoga to talking to tigers, our Books collection contains everything you need to inspire little minds and ignite imaginations young and old. 

Just click the link above to take a peek of our virtual bookshelves! 

For Kids Who Love..... Music. 

Musical Instrument Toys, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Drums, guitars, rattles and shakers, we have toys with noise in all the colours of the rainbow! Check out our Making Music collection, curated especially for budding musicians and noise-makers.

Pictured above:

Wooden Guitars, £25 each.
Wooden Drums, £18 each.
Pablo Elephant Soft Toy, £42.
Romeo Lion Soft Toy, £42.
Coolest Kid A4 Print, £15.
Cloud Rug - Mustard, £55.

For Kids Who Love.... Little Surprises!

Stocking Fillers, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Last but definitely not least, our Stocking Fillers collection is bursting with toys and gifts to fill their stockings and Santa sacks on Christmas morning. The link above will take you to all of them! 

So step inside our magical world. We hope that you'll find something you love, and that they'll treasure and remember for years to come.  

Happy Shopping!

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