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The marshmallow snowmen we made for our daughter's 4th birthday party a couple of weeks ago got us feeling all festive, so we set off on a little Pinterest journey (our current favourite type of journey!) to find some more quick-and-easy-to-make ideas for the holiday season. And since it's our last blog post today before taking a break for a couple of weeks - as well as being the weekend and the start of the...

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Can you believe it's almost Easter already? Well, we thought we would celebrate and thank all of our readers by putting on a week of exciting giveaways and special offers from some lovely new (and old) favourites. And so today we are featuring our very best picks (and an exclusive giveaway) of alternative Easter gifts for children from Dotcomgiftshop. OK, we all love chocolate eggs - and who doesn't! - but why not throw in a...

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