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Marshmallows and Honey

Marshmallows and Honey

Inside my playroom, everyone’s busy,
Monster is hungry – he’s feeling quite dizzy.
Spinning around in the little dolls’ pram,
He says to his buddy, ‘I’m peckish - I am!
My tummy is rumbling, it’s time for a treat…
Marshmallow’s my favourite – so soft and so sweet!’
Giraffe’s in the kitchen, making a cake,
Marshmallows and honey, all ready to bake.
The cake smells delicious, and monster says, ‘yummy!
I can’t wait to taste it inside of my tummy!’
He sits and he waits for the cake to be ready,
Outside by the tent, with his favourite teddy.
He watches the dollies all chatting and playing,
He watches the monkey swinging and swaying;
He tries not to think of the cake and the treats,
Of the honey, marshmallows and all of the sweets;
The cake is now finished – it’s there on the side,
Monster just stares, all dreamy, wide-eyed.
His tummy is rumbling, he knows he should wait -
But he can’t, so he eats it – the cake and the plate!

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