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Introducing Winter 2017!

Just over a week ago, we launched our brand new Winter 2017 collection. And wow - what an incredible response! Three new 'Bedtime Stories' styled using 270 new products we sourced from all over the world - from start to finish, in just 6 weeks... To say we were a little exhausted post-launch is an understatement, but seeing all the amazing orders popping through literally from the moment we hit 'publish' has been so exciting,...

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Little Space - Big Imagination!

Just because their room is little, doesn't mean it can't be fun. Our son Jasper has the smallest room of our house. He inherited it even before he was born, shortly after his sister moved out of her nursery and into her 'big girl room'. It was the perfect nursery - cute, calm and cosy, tucked away at the back of the house. Fast forward a couple of years and with an energetic toddler on...

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Favourite Five... Shared Bedrooms

If you have more than one child, you may have considered creating a shared space for them. I mean, what could be more fun than a sleepover every single night of the week, right? Research has shown that sharing a bedroom can help encourage sibling bonding, especially at a young age. And contrary to popular belief, thanks to bunkbeds and clever storage solutions, you don't actually need a huge space... In fact, overall you'll save...

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Pictured above: Raindrops on Roses Children's Room, styled by Bobby Rabbit. If you shop around for girls' bedroom inspiration, you will find a lot of pink. Baby pink, pale pink, candy pink, pastel pink... For sure, pink is a pretty colour - and if you ask the average six year old, it probably appears somewhere in her 'five favourite colours' list. But is it really necessary to pigeonhole girls into all pink ALL of the...

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Safari Style!

All this sunshine has got us dreaming of the summer holidays... Bike rides in the park, den-building in the woods and climbing on the rocks in the countryside near our home. And on other days, the kids are happy simply playing in the garden, bouncing on the trampoline and making mud pies in their mud pie kitchen (a favourite). Let's face it - kids love being outside, and love exploring too - so that's why...

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3 of the Best... Handmade in France

Pictured above: Rose Gold Clown Sequin Cushion by Pompon Petillant, £28.00Pink 'Django' Fish Decoration by Scalae, £48.00Jeanne Donkey - Sand by Petit Picotin, £38.00 Twice a year (sometime three, if we can get away with it!), I hop on a plane to Paris to hunt down the latest and most beautiful creations for our store. I visit trade fairs, meet our wonderful suppliers, shop the boutiques for inspiration, and try to find bit of time in-between...

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Blue is for Boys

We know it's a cliche... but recently we have noticed a big trend towards the use of blue in boys rooms. Yes, this is no 'new' concept, but as we have found on our internet travels recently, it IS possible to create a blue boys' room in a modern, stylish, non-stereotypical way (and we have to say, it makes a lovely refreshing change from all the monochrome out there).  So, today we are sharing a...

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