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Lifelong over throwaway 07 Aug

'Savannah!' Children's Playroom, created and styled by Bobby Rabbit.We're becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability in our modern world, but what does this actually mean when it comes to children's interiors and toys?

Recently, we spoke to the wonderful Rooomy Magazine on this very subject: our core brand values of 'fun over fashion and lifelong over throwaway' and how we strive to encourage a longer term view when it comes to buying for children.

Here are a few of our thoughts.

Cherish when small and remember with a smile when tall

For those of you who don't know our story, Bobby Rabbit was my favourite childhood toy; a cuddly bunny that accompanied me everywhere, and still lives on today inside a shoe box in my wardrobe. When I launched my online shop, named after Bobby himself, I wanted to fill it with special toys and accessories that just like Bobby, would hopefully be remembered forever. 'Cherish when small and remember with a smile when tall' is at the heart of our brand ethos, and a consideration behind every product we source.

The story of Bobby Rabbit.'Back in the day': Bobby Rabbit is born. 

These days, longevity is a key factor. Questions such as 'Is it well made?', 'Where and how is it made?', 'What is it made from?' and 'Will it last?' are becoming increasingly important to our customers. Granted, kids will always want the latest 'fad' or fashion, but how special would it be to give them something that they will love and cherish now and for years to come, and still remember fondly in adulthood.

Bobby Rabbit.Standing the test of time: Bobby today.

Invest in quality

Today's parents are understanding the value of quality and longevity over cheap and throwaway: they seek products that have been made well, with consideration and care to the people making them, materials used in manufacture and the local environment. Natural materials that are responsibly sourced and crafted into products with careful consideration for the environment and the people making them will always command a higher retail price than their mass-produced equivalents.

It's about changing and adapting consumer mentality. If we buy a little less, we can still spend the same, but with the bonus of owning a handful of beautiful finds that could last for years.

Oeuf NYC Toddler Bed and Toys, styled by Bobby Rabbit.Our long-lasting Oeuf NYC Perch Toddler Bed converts to a sofa when your child has outgrown it as a bed, lasting well into teenage years.

Children's Teepee Tent and Toys, by Bobby Rabbit.Invest in quality - honest, natural materials such as wood, cotton, wool, rattan and raffia that are responsibly sourced and crafted with care, as pictured above in our Savannah! Playroom.

Valuing handmade

Likewise, if you buy handmade, you are investing in a product that is created with love, care and attention to detail. Handmade items come with a special and unique story behind them – they are one-of-a-kind. And why wouldn’t you want to support this?

Bobby Rabbit Mobile and Bobby and Friends Garland, available at Bobby Rabbit.One of a kind - our handmade pom pom Bobby Rabbit Mobile and Bobby and Friends Garland (pictured above) were created especially and exclusively for our store.

So, in summary, sustainability in children's rooms comes in many forms and with different considerations, but with one key goal in mind: supporting quality and longevity over disposable and throwaway.

...Which I hope you'll agree is better for everyone and everything, our planet included.

Toys and Accessories, styled by Bobby Rabbit.

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