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An Arctic Adventure

An Arctic Adventure

Way up north, where snow-topped forests meet icy waters, there lived a polar bear. Beau was a handsome creature, big and strong, with giant paws, a shiny black nose and a soft furry coat as white as snow.

One night, as he snuggled down to sleep in his rocky cave, Beau had a dream. He found himself in a magical land of silver reindeer, scurrying badgers with stripy coats and bouncing bunny rabbits that left a trail of tiny paw prints in the sparkly snow all around them…

An Arctic Adventure is a bedroom inspired by the world in Beau’s dream, where polar bears play with badgers and bunny rabbits and natural wood is layered with fresh white, soft greys and greens. A calm, peaceful space with a clean and contemporary Scandinavian feel.

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