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Explore and Roar

Explore and Roar

After days and nights of trudging through sandy deserts and marshy swamps, the brave young explorer arrived in the jungle.

Finding a clearing, he put up his tent, lit a campfire and rubbed his hands in excitement. He’d never been to the jungle before.

All of a sudden, he heard a rustle in the leaves just behind him. Peeking through a peephole in the side of his tent, he saw a strange little creature perched on a toadstool; green and lizard-like with scaly skin and bright eyes as blue as the bluest sky. Spying the young explorer, the creature let out a snuffle and quickly scampered off into the undergrowth…

Explore and Roar is a bedroom hideout especially for brave young explorers, just like the one in our story. It’s a wild and wonderful wilderness to spark little imaginations where just like in real life, each new day brings another exciting adventure.

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