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Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Dream

Our story starts at the seaside. In a little ice cream cafe, perched on the top of a tall cliff, at the end of a long, twisty road.

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary little house, with a colourful, stripy roof, painted in mint green, raspberry pink and lemon yellow. Above the door hangs a sign saying: 

"Welcome to our ice cream shop, where toucans fly and flamingoes flock!"

What do you think could be inside? 

Open the door, and you'll see... There are bright pink flamingoes in yellow bow ties carrying giant ice lollies; toucans perching on branches sipping candy-coloured milkshakes! And swans swimming with ice creams covered in chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows (in every single flavour you can think of). 

Does that sound good to you? Well, next time you're at the seaside, remember to look for our little ice cream cafe, on the top of a cliff, at the end of a long, twisty road.

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