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Monochrome Magic

Monochrome Magic

Tom looked out of his window at the rain clouds. The gentle pitter-patter had become a loud drumming on the roof above, and he knew there would be no more playing outside.

But Tom didn’t mind the storm, for an afternoon indoors meant he could practise his magic tricks, and who knows where that might lead... For he had secret super powers – powers that could take him anywhere and everywhere.

Smiling in excitement, he reached for his magic stone - the tiny pebble that held the key to his next big adventure. With a gentle tap, tap, tap of his little finger and a BOOM! - there he stood, head to toe in black and white, with a bright yellow cape that trailed on the floor behind him.

Monochrome Magic: Striking black and white, with a spark of colour and a flash of lightning… A room for real life superheroes.

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