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Monsters and Moondust

Monsters and Moondust

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit. Ever since he was a tiny baby rabbit, he had dreamed of visiting space. Of flying in his very own space rocket through the stars, and landing with a great big crash and a bang on the moon. 

One night, as he fell asleep in his bed, he felt a rumble and a tumble - and before he knew it, his bed was rocketing up through the sky, past the stars, and up into space! Zooming so fast, he could hardly believe his big, long ears. Then suddenly, WHAM! He found himself in his bed, on the moon (well, not exactly the moon - but read on, and you'll find out). 

"Calling all rabbit-folk!" he heard a voice. "Welcome to planet Mon-Bot. We are monsters. We are robots. And we want to be your friend."

Rabbit sighed with relief. Phew! With a skip and a jump, he hopped out of bed and on to Planet Mon-Bot. Where he stayed for a midnight feast, ate Mon-Bot cake and listened to Mon-Bot stories, until it was time to return to planet Earth again.

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