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Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

It was the day of the picnic, and all the animals had gathered under the oak tree.

“I had a dream last night”, said Polly Mouse, as she lay on the step chatting to Bunny. “We lived on a giant cloud in the sky. It was soft and fluffy and white, just like real cotton wool. And it rained multicoloured raindrops! Red and green and orange and blue – even gold”, she whispered.

“The rainbows were so big, you could slide from one cloud to the next, and all the way back down to our forest again”.

“Just imagine if it were real!” said Bunny. “We’d play for ever and ever and ever!”

With bright pops of primary colour, our Over The Rainbow room is a fun, captivating space for little dreamers (and who knows, if they sleep tight enough, their dreams may just come true…)

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