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Summer Camp!

Summer Camp!

Once in a land far, far away, a boy set out on a journey one day.
Across the city, out of town, through the mountains, up and down.

Suddenly he heard a shout: "Help me!  Help me! Let me out!"
Through the bamboo shoots so tall, there stood his favourite animal of all.
A giant panda, black and white - what a truly magnificent sight!
"I've lost my way", the panda said. "Please take me back to my snug warm bed!"
"Of course", the little boy replied. He knew he'd get there if he tried. 
"Stay with me right here tonight, I'll keep you safe until it's light. 
And in the morning, off they went, the panda carrying the tent. 
Through the forests, up the hill; across the river, right until
"My home!" the panda said, "Right there! Thank you, I'm a lucky bear!"
"You're a hero, did you know, for saving me, down there below."
The boy just smiled, "Please may I stay? I'll build a camp, and we can play"
"I promise just one night or two." The panda nodded, "Yes, please do."

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