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The Swan Queen

The Swan Queen

Once upon a time, in a tree trunk far away, there lived a little white mouse called Marlie. All the animals loved her (even the bears), yet Marlie was no ordinary little mouse. For a magic crown was tucked away secretly underneath her bed in the tree trunk.

Each night, as the very first star twinkled and tinkled in the sky above her, so did the tiny gold bells on Marlie’s crown. She took the crown from under her bed and placed it on her head, and as she did, her soft white fur turned to pretty little feathers and Marlie became a beautiful Swan Queen.

As she swooped through the night sky, everything she touched turned to glittery sparkling gold, just like the little bells on her crown.

White, soft pink with a sprinkle of gold. A room we named after Marlie, our magical Swan Queen mouse.

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