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tableware, cutlery, children's cutlery, animal cutlery, children's forks and spoons, Tum Tum Tots, published by Bobby RabbitJust how much fun is this mix and match cutlery set from children's tableware specialists Tum Tum Tots? The set includes three spoons and three forks - to see them through breakfast, lunch and teatime - and what's more, they will love creating new animal faces each time! As with all of their products, Tum Tum Tots have cleverly engineered the design to ensure that their cutlery is super-child friendly, with a bowl-shaped fork to stab pasta and scoop up those awkward run-away peas, and straighter edges on the spoon to make runny foods easier to eat. And it goes without saying that the cutlery is dishwasher safe, and tested to the highest possible child-safety standards. The cutlery is £15, and is recommended for all self-feeders aged 1-3 (although we are secretly hoping they will launch them in grown-up size, too...!)
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