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on the wall, clocks, children's clocks, Marli magnetic play clock, Little Rowen and Little Wren, published by Bobby RabbitLast week, we featured the Baa Baa bookshelf from Rowen and Wren's stunning new collection for children. Well this week we bring you the fabulous Marli magnetic wall clock, also from Little Rowen and Little Wren. It's a clock and a toy all rolled into one. The clock itself can be positioned wherever they fancy on to the large magnetic circular base (which measures 56cm diameter), and then surrounded by the wooden magnetic shapes which can be arranged to create a whole host of fun and imaginary creatures and characters. It doesn't have to live in their bedroom either. In fact we think it would work just as well in the playroom, kitchen, family room - as a clock, toy, notice board, photo and art display - you name it! Normally costing £192, you can get it for £163.20 saving 15% and almost £30, using our very special Bobby Rabbit discount code in partnership with Little Rowen and Little Wren (see our Special Deals for more details on how to claim). So why not invest now in a really unique and rather stylish wall accessory that they'll never really grow out of - and for the whole family to use and enjoy.
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