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textiles, cushions, children's cushions, guitar cushions, Bobo Kids, published by Bobby RabbitWe've been meaning to show you these amazing guitar cushions from stylish Bobo Kids for a while. Handmade in grey, soft grey-blue, dark denim and vibrant fuchsia featuring a smart gold or silver bow, at £95 each they might seem a little bit on the pricey side - but they are totally unique and totally gorgeous too, and just the job for adding a touch of fun, glamour and sophistication to your child's room. And they're huge! Each one measures an almost life-sized 76cm high x 32cm wide - so not only will they look stunning, kids will love pretending to make lots of noise with them too! And pretending to make lots of noise has got to be better than actually making lots of noise...? Surely.
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