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toys, soft toys, soft toy animals, knitted animals, knitted toys, Little Rowen and Little Wren, published by Bobby RabbitWhat better gift for a little one (or bigger one) than one of these adorable knitted animal friends from Little Rowen and Little Wren? Socks the Fox, Suzette the Cat, Claire the Cow and Bandit the Raccoon, £38 each and 45cm tall from head to toe, are hand-crafted in 100% cotton under Fair Trade conditions with such incredible attention to detail and quality, whether in their outfits, their faces or their names - giving each animal a unique personality and character. Socks the fox, in his smart green tie, spotty shirt and stripy socks is a writer for a local newspaper, a dreamer and airplane enthusiast. Suzette the cat loves to bake crepes, whilst Claire the cow is a talented cheese maker who dreams of seeing the sea one day. Last but not least, lovely Bandit, with his stripy tail and mysterious smile loves film noir and fog - and pepper on his turnips (of course). Whichever character you choose, little imaginations will run wild. And at the end of the day after all that cuddling, they can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle or hand-washed, all ready for more hugs and adventures to come.
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