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toys, soft toys, soft toy dolls, french dolls, trousselier dolls, trousselier ninon dolls, French Blossom, published by Bobby Rabbit We spotted these stylish little dolls on the very beautiful French Blossom website recently - an adorably chic online shop selling children's fashion, home accessories, toys and gifts, created in France and hand-picked from their favourite designers. Aptly named 'French Beret' and 'Parisian Chic', the dolls (34 EUR) are part of the 'Ninon' collection by Trousselier, and we have to say, we think they're some of the loveliest dolls out there. There's no pink, no plastic - just gorgeous soft plush, chestnut brown hair, big smiley eyes, rosy cheeks and a fashion sense that we'd all be proud of. In fact, their outfits can be removed and interchanged with other dolls in the collection, meaning plenty of dressing up fun. The dolls are 33cm tall - the perfect size for kisses and cuddles. And when they've outgrown the role play, they'll look great sitting on a shelf or the bed, adding that magical, effortless touch of je ne sais quoi to the room. French Blossom is one of our very favourite new finds for children. Inspirational and effortlessly stylish, it's one of those places where you just want to buy everything. And we're absolutely delighted to be partnering with them for a whole month to offer our fabulous Bobby Rabbit readers an exclusive 10% off all items in their 'Toys' and 'House and Design' collections (sale items excluded). Details are listed in our Special Deals. So hurry on over and make the most of this amazing offer whilst it lasts. Just make sure you go armed with plenty of willpower... this is one incredibly beautiful place to shop.
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