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toys, wooden toys, wooden camper van, Colin camper van, Jamm Toys,, published by Bobby RabbitWhen it comes to wooden toys, UK-based Jamm Toys create some of the best. You may remember this lovely wooden workbench and tool kit we featured a while back. Well, this time they've done it again and wowed us with this beautiful wooden camper van toy, complete with mum, dad, 2 kids and a dog inside - not forgetting the surf board on the roof (of course). Manufactured from high quality, durable sustainable rubber wood and plywood and measuring 25 x 13 x 9.5cm, this is a toy that is built to last. Children will love the removable roof, giving them easy access to the family sitting inside - and putting them in their matching coloured seats will not only help develop hand-eye co-ordination and dexterity, but also help them to learn and recognise colours (and whilst we're on the subject of colours, we're loving the natural wood with contrasting bright turquoise, red and white details...) It's gorgeous and retro - one of those toys that you just won't want to clear away at bedtime, for it will look just as fabulous on the shelf or fireplace as it will scattered all over your living room floor. Get yours in time for Christmas - £31.99 from
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