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on the wall, wall stickers, children's wall stickers, raindrops wall sticker, Monsieur Under the Rain wall sticker, Poisson Bulle, French Blossom, published by Bobby RabbitIf only real raindrops were this colourful! Brighten up their walls this autumn with this lovely wall sticker, designed by Blanca Gomez for French brand Poisson Bulle, and available from the beautiful French Blossom store. 'Monsieur Under the Rain' is a dapper little chap in his black suit and grey scarf, and is cheerfully embracing the rainy weather in a way that only children can do. Hundreds of multi-coloured raindrops of all different sizes (to be arranged however you like) make this sticker even more child-appealing - although we have to say, we'd happily have him in any room of our house! The stickers are pre-cut, and easy to mount and re-position. The whole thing measures approximately 120cm tall on the wall - just the right size for adding a vibrant splash of fun to the room. Like so many of the wall stickers we love and feature on Bobby Rabbit, this one tells a story that children can relate to, yet is stylish enough to appeal to grown-ups too. Just lovely, and yours for 69 EUR (and if you buy it before 2nd November you'll save an extra 10% off, thanks to the reader offer currently listed in our Special Deals). Hurry over and take a look (heh, he even has a Mademoiselle lady-friend!) Rainy days have never been so much fun.
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