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on the wall, wall hooks, children's wall hooks, animal wall hooks, giraffe wall hooks, Rowen and Wren, published by Bobby RabbitWe're just loving Rowen & Wren at the moment. And their children's collection, Little Rowen & Little Wren never fails to impress us. It's full of stylish little treasures that you don't find elsewhere (you may remember the Baa Baa bookshelf and the hand-printed animal stamp wall art we featured a while ago, or the Birdhouse wall light we showed you recently). Today we're bringing you their latest find - these gorgeous 'Gilly Giraffe' wall hooks. Approximately 10cm high and made from painted metal in a stunning range of five different colours from petal pink to apple green, their shape and detail are really life-like. They look absolutely lovely on their own or all lined up in a row; in a single colour or mixed colours. Normally costing £12, you can save 15% on the whole of Rowen & Wren children's collection until 8th November - see our Special Deals for more details and the code to use at checkout. What a perfect little accessory for bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms and hallways. And if they encourage kids to tidy up after themselves, frankly we're all for them.
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