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toys, soft toys, soft toy dolls, My Name is Simone dolls, Super Zero doll, Jean Louis doll, Suzanne doll, French Blossom, published by Bobby Rabbit We have to say, French Blossom are stocking some pretty special things. These quirky little soft toy doll cushions, designed in France by Caroline Castagna-Suarez for her brand 'My Name is Simone' will brighten up any room, bed, chair or shelf, and we think they'll make pretty special companions too. Made from 100% bio cotton, each character comes with a colourful and slightly retro dress sense, a contrasting patterned back, and  its very own personality and story. Firstly there's Jean-Louis. He's an accountant, and a very dapper one at that. We're loving his petroleum blue jacket, red tie and mustard trousers, not to mention his matching moss-green boots and glasses. In Caroline's words - "he may look serious, but he's a lot of fun". And then there's Super Zero - an aspiring super hero dressed in vibrant red, navy and bright blue with a gorgeous bright blue gingham back. Kids will fall in love with him (and when they do, he's also available as a beautiful wall art print). Last but not least, their friend Suzanne. A bit of a fashionista (and very cool with it), she sports an orange top, grey polka dot shorts and green shoes with red hearts to match her glasses. In line with her character, she sports a lovely retro floral fabric on her back. We've shown you our favourite three, but if you love them as much as we do, have a look at French Blossom's site where you'll find another eight dolls, as well as cushions and other accessories in the My Name is Simone collection. And if you hurry, you'll benefit from our very special and exclusive 10% discount off their 38 EUR price tag as well as all toy and home products in French Blossom's wonderful store - simply visit our Special Deals for more details.
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