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on the wall, wall art, children's wall art, Rabman print, MiniWilla wall art, Molly-Meg, published by Bobby RabbitWhat do you get if you cross a rabbit with a man? Well, ask MiniWilla of Sweden and they'll tell you it's 'Rabman', which is exactly who they've designed right here, in black and white. We love the monochrome accessorised with brights; we love the simplicity of the design that will appeal to both children and adults; but most of all, we're loving Rabman himself - his name fits perfectly with his face, which is so full of character (and just check out that moustache). Measuring 50x70cm and printed on to heavy weight shiny white paper, he's yours for £24.50 from the wonderful Molly-Meg store. Don't spend 2014 without him.
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