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Children's 'triple bed' bunk bed from Bobo Kids, published by Bobby RabbitWe've all heard of bunk beds but have you ever seen one of these? Super smart and super practical, this 'triple bed' designed and made in France and available in the UK from stylish Bobo Kids, is just perfect for larger families - or for kids sharing a room who might just need an extra bed for friends (and let's face it, who doesn't?!) The design oozes sophistication through its simple shape, clean lines and a choice of 16 gorgeous shades, including 'gris perle', 'bleu azur' and 'framboise' and we're just loving the sound of 'greige' (a mix of grey and beige, apparently). The bed stands at 196cm tall, not so much higher than a regular bunk bed given that the bottom bunk is low to the floor. Just to make it even more special, there is an optional slide-out shelf on each level which can be used as a bedside table, and a ladder protection to prevent it from being used as a climbing frame and launch pad during the day! The bed takes regular-sized UK mattresses (90 x 190cm) or you can purchase them from Bobo Kids, including natural latex and organic mattresses by The Little Green Sheep. The bed itself costs £1,650, with the bedside table shelves and ladder protection options at an extra £100 each. We think it looks fab, and offers a stylish, much-needed solution for space saving AND sleepovers. Just need to sort out who sleeps on top...
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