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Mosaic wallpaper for children's rooms designed in France by Minakani and available from Olive Loves Alfie, published by Bobby RabbitFollowing on from our bold and bright balloon light feature earlier this week is this amazing geometric 'Mosaic' wallpaper, designed and printed in France by Minakani and available from stylish family lifestyle store Olive Loves Alfie.

OK, you wouldn't put it on every wall, however it looks totally stunning on a single wall or chimney breast as shown above. And leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out colours - 30 in total - for the rest of the accessories!

I think what we love most about it is that this isn't just a children's wallpaper. Whilst kids will love looking at all the different shapes, counting the triangles and spotting the colours, it would also blend in (or stand out) perfectly in any room of the house.

It costs £230 for 2 rolls (0.75m wide x 2.5m drop) - which is the minimum order - but really, once it's up you won't need anything else on that wall: The paper really does speak for itself.

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