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JAMES' GIANT APPLE AND PEAR POUFFES FROM LITTLE ROWEN AND LITTLE WRENThese beautiful, organic cotton, hand-crocheted pouffes from Little Rowen and Little Wren bring a whole new meaning to the phrase 'apples and pears'. They are ethically produced, each one being entirely hand-made by a team of women in a rural village in Asia, who thanks to this opportunity are able to work around the needs of their family and the cotton crop harvest, all whilst gaining financial independence for themselves and an income for their families. Measuring between 48cm (apple) and 70cm (pear) high, they'll add a magical touch to a nursery, playroom or living room, either for clambering all over or for resting your feet upon! At £244 each, by buying one of these you'll not only be adding a touch of style to your home, but you'll be doing your bit to help out a family who really needs it. And the images speak for themselves - they're built to last, strong and robust, and the quality is beautiful. A lovely product, with a truly lovely story.
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