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Wooden number blocks designed in the USA by Uncle Goose and available from Toyella, published by Bobby RabbitYou may remember the 'Antics' wooden ant blocks we featured last spring, designed and made in the USA by Uncle Goose. Well, if you loved them, you're going to love these. Just as fun and every bit as educational (if not more), these Groovie math and patterning blocks, £44.99 from Toyella, are the perfect gift for the budding problem-solver. With 28 wooden blocks measuring 44 x 44 x 44mm, the sides featuring numbers, mathematical symbols, shapes, grooved textures or colourful patterns, children will have hours of fun matching them up in whichever way they fancy - whilst learning quite a bit along the way. The set also comes with a guide to additional games to play together using the blocks. Just like the ant blocks, the Groovie blocks are made from a locally sourced, beautiful quality, replenishable basswood. They are printed with non-toxic inks without the addition of any coating or sealant, making them perfect for any age (babies included as they learn about textures), although they are recommended in particular for ages 2-6. So, if you're looking for a lovely traditional gift with an educational slant that will last them for years and years, this one most certainly ticks all the boxes.
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