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Soft toy dolls by Jane Foster, published by Bobby RabbitWe love Jane Foster's creations. Cool and quirky and unlike any other toys we have seen, each one is beautifully designed and screen-printed using eco-friendly inks in her studio in Devon. Her latest characters - soft toy dolls Jen, Joe, Morris and Mandy, designed for her daughter Polly - do not disappoint. Dressed in bold yet simple geometric stripes, spots, checks and bang-on-trend harlequin patterns in an even more on-trend monochrome colour palette, they'll look fab on the bed, on the sofa, on the shelf - or if our little girl is anything to go by, lined up on the floor having a tea party. In short, they're cushions, decorative accessories and toys all rolled into one. Jen and Joe (pictured below) are the taller of the four, at almost 36cm, whilst their friends Morris and Mandy (with the quiff and pigtails) are a few centimetres shorter. You can own your very own for just £12, but why settle for one when four is so much more fun? And tea parties for one are boring, anyway. Soft toy dolls by Jane Foster, published by Bobby Rabbit
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