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'Ski Jumping Rabbit' and 'Button Lift Rabbit' wall art prints by Ham, published by Bobby RabbitRabbits skiing? Pigs partying? And whyever not? These fabulous black and white prints by British designer Jo Robinson of HAM caught our eye recently, and we simply had to show you them. Simple, fun and with a playful edge, they're perfect for kids - yet perfect for grown ups too. The collection includes every day animals doing every day things, but it's the clever combination of the animals' characteristics and the activity that makes us smile (activities that children can easily relate to, and that remind us of all the fun stuff we used to do when we were little). We all know rabbits hop - so why not let them have a go at ski jumping? Or diving? Or trampolining? 'Diving Rabbit' and 'Bouncing Rabbit' wall art prints by Ham, published by Bobby RabbitAnd pigs love eating, so why shouldn't they put on a party hat and tuck into the birthday cake? 'Seesawing Rabbit' and 'Partying Pig' wall art prints by Ham, published by Bobby RabbitEvery design is screen-printed by hand on to beautiful 315gm off-white paper, and signed by Jo herself. They are available in 30 x 40cm size (£28 each, unframed), and some of them also come in 50 x 70cm size (£40). And if you like what you're seeing, the animals also feature on cards, mugs, tea towels and notebooks, all of them made right here in Britain. So, it seems that rabbits can ski jump and pigs can party after all. For in the world of children's imagination (and HAM), anything is possible.
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