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Fisher Price Milk Wagon toy from Hop Toy Shop, published by Bobby RabbitIt's giveaway time again! And today we're delighted to be partnering with the lovely Hop Toy Shop to offer one of our lucky readers this amazing old school style Fisher Price Milk Wagon worth £22.95. First introduced in 1965, this is one of those very special toys that has stood the test of time (and passed with flying colours). And how lovely to be able to watch our own children having just as much fun with it today as we did when we were little. The toy itself has so much play value - quite apart from being fully transportable (and chiming as it goes), the milk carrier is removable and contains six colourful bottles just waiting to be loaded and unloaded, and the driver moves from side to side as his float trundles along. If you'd like to be its proud new owner and you live in the UK, simply leave us a comment below telling us which was your favourite childhood toy before 1pm on Friday 11th April (make sure you check and agree to the Prize Draw Rules first), and we'll select a winner at random and announce it right here in a couple of weeks. Best of luck!
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