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Limited edition 'Howling Wolf' and 'Crowing Cockerel' screen prints by Spann & Willis from The Kid Who, published by Bobby Rabbit What do a howling wolf and a crowing cockerel have in common? The answer is, not a lot, but that's the beauty of these amazing limited edition screen prints by Swedish design company Spann & Willis and available for £38 at The Kid Who. You see, they are - quite literally - as different as night and day. When darkness falls and the moon comes out, so does the wolf. But at the first sight of daylight, out hops cockerel to wake everyone up (just like a few other early risers we know…) With the clocks having gone forwards this weekend and British summertime upon us, we thought it was only right to show you these clever creations that we think are perfect for teaching little ones the difference between night and day. Each one is screen-printed by hand using water-soluble inks on to acid-free, 200gsm heavy weight cartridge paper, and being limited edition (there are only 30 of them), they are signed and numbered by the artist, making them really very special indeed. So, whether you have a night owl (or should we say, wolf) or a early-rising cockerel in your household, these beautifully bright and bold prints will inject a bit of colour and energy to the room, no matter how little sleep you had last night. Get them quickly, before they go.
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