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Make-your-own paper animal set by Mibo, featuring 5 endangered species, published by Bobby RabbitWhat do the Amur leopard, the rhino, the mountain gorilla, the panda and the orang-utan all have in common? Well, very sadly, they are all in danger of extinction. The beautiful Amur leopard is one of the rarest animals in the world, with fewer than 40 of them thought to exist in the wild. This wonderful 'Save our Species' paper animal set by Mibo and produced under licence for WWF UK contains the templates you need to make all 5 animals. They're really easy to make - all you need is glue, a ruler, a pair of scissors and a bit of adult supervision. Each set comes with a very special fact sheet so that children can get to know a little bit about the animals whilst cutting and sticking. They'll learn for example that adult rhinos can run at speeds of up to 40mph, and that an orang-utan's call can be heard up to 2km away! They'll also learn all about the incredible efforts of the WWF to save these amazing animals from extinction. Like all of Mibo's beautiful paper animal sets, they are printed in the UK using vegetable inks on to 100% recycled consumer waste paper. And at £7.50 a set, you can afford to collect all 12 sets! That's a whole lot of fun for a rainy afternoon - and a whole herd of animals to show off and play with afterwards.
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